Custom Engraving FAQ

Items that are good candidates, will show a custom engraving option


  • The main requirement is enough room to put the artwork. 
  • Laser engraving burns text, or an image into the wood.
  • Contrast, and all around look, are best on lighter color woods.
  • Engraving very dark wood is not recommended.
  • A tech will contact you for your approval of the artwork, before any engraving is done.

Engraving is possible for text, as well as images

Text engraving:

  • So far as the number of text characters go, 10-15 is ideal.  A sentence simply will not fit on a pen body.  Initials are a popular way to accomplish this on a pen.
  • The fewer characters, the larger the letters can be.
  • You may pick a font from the featured 15 examples. These fonts are proven good choices for engraving on pens and stands.



    • You may specify a different font.
    • If you are up for a nauseating number of fonts to choose from, there are many websites that distribute them. and are recommended.
    • To convey a website font choice for engraving, type the particular font name into the text box which appears when you choose "a different font" from the drop down menu.
    • You may also copy and paste that particular font URL into that text box.
    • You may also use the "send" or "share" feature on your device, to send a chosen website font URL to Be sure to add a note as to figure out what it is for.
    • Please do not send the actual font file as an attachment; copy and paste, or share the URL.
    • Avoid fonts which are very thin, light, or with a lot of detail.
    • Most fonts engrave beautifully, but try to be realistic in your choice. 

    Image engraving:

    • When applicable, a product page will have the option to upload custom artwork.
    • So far as pens go; remember, your picture is going on a pen body.  Too much detail will not scale down well.
    • For pen stands; the engravable area varies per item.
    • A nicely drawn signature - with a magic marker, is a good suggestion.
    • Avoid shaded artwork, it will be necessarily converted to black and white.
    • Here are two printable templates you may use to make adding your own hand drawn artwork easy.
    • Download a template, print, draw, and take a picture (or scan).

    We offer free engraving for "kid art".  If a kid draws the picture, we will cheerfully engrave it, on us.

     My (real) example: