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Handmade Turned Wood Pens And Accessories


It does little good to describe the superiority of handmade pens. Words, and pictures do not feel sturdy, solid, or smooth.

Explaining the weight surplus over everyday plastic pens with numbers is neat - standard wood pens from 4 to 10 times, and some "themed" wood pens are 20 times heavier.

Renaissance® wax was developed for use on the British Museum's priceless antiques; we use it on all handmade pens. I am not an expert in that area, but believe the museum is.

We offer custom engraving of text, or images to personalize your beautiful pen.

For kids, picture engraving is free!  - Makes a touching grandma/grandpa gift.

We are primarily taking custom online orders at this time

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Make Your Pen Unique With Custom Engraving

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I got three of these today.  High quality, and a great purchasing experience.

If you are looking for something unique, and hand crafted, this is highly recommended.

L. R.

These are gorgeous! Far better than the picture show, and the pictures are accurate. .... I gave two as gifts today and the recipient was blown away

C. G.

Thank you, it was nice to meet you and the pen exceeded my expectations! It is absolutely beautiful, and feels very solid in the hand! .... I bought one of these pens today. It is very solid feeling, and the detail are amazing! I am beyond thrilled with my purchase!

D. K.

It came in and looks awesome!

L. O.