Shark Cod

Handmade Turned Wood Pens And Accessories

It does little good to describe the superiority of handmade pens. Words, do not feel sturdy, solid, or smooth.

Explaining the weight surplus over everyday plastic pens with numbers is neat - standard wood pens from 4 to 10 times, and some "themed" wood pens are 20 times heavier.

Renaissance® wax was developed for use on the British Museum's priceless antiques; we use it on most pens. I am not an expert in that area, but believe the museum is.

We offer custom engraving of text, or images to personalize your beautiful pen.

Engraving is free for "kid art".  If a kid draws the picture, we will cheerfully engrave the pen, on us.

Make Your Pen Unique With Custom Engraving

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