Shark Cod

Handmade Turned Wood Pens And Accessories

It's difficult to put into words how superior handmade pens are.
Words lack sturdiness, solidity, and smoothness.

It's easy to quantify the weight difference between normal wood pens and everyday plastic pens: standard wood pens are 4 to 10 times heavier, while some "themed" wood pens are 20 times heavier.

We use Renaissance® wax on most pens because it was created for use on the British Museum's valuable artifacts.
I'm not an expert in that field, but the museum probably* is.

To personalize your lovely pen, we offer personalized engraving of text or photos.

For "kid art", engraving is free.
If a child designs the picture, we will gladly engrave it on us.

Thank You For Your Patience

Make Your Pen Unique With Custom Engraving

Learn more about custom engraving

Brick & mortar places to find Shark Cod Products

Manchester Craft Market

"Next to Dick's Sporting Goods"

Mall of New Hampshire
1500 South Willow St
Manchester, NH